A new event experience for senior Supply Chain professionals

Madejski Stadium

Tuesday 17th May 2022

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A whole new event experience

Collaborate360 - Supply Chain is a new and unique event targeting aspirational leaders who understand that collaboration is a key driver to success.

Taking a ‘360’ approach to business, from within your own sector, to understanding how other sectors are transforming – whether integrating new technology, new approaches to working or challenging the ‘norm’, Collaborate360 provides the opportunity to interact with the wider business community.

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An inclusive one day event, challenging the norm and providing a fresh take on the traditional forum and exhibition formats


Senior Supply Chain and Logistics leaders looking not just within the sector but to the wider world of global commerce


One room, quick-fire speaker sessions, complete audience participation with beneficial introductions to inspire collaboration and new opportunities


Become part of the Collaborate360 community, not just at the event but throughout following years

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What is Collaborate360?

Collaborate360 is a refreshingly new event experience. We have created an immersive, inclusive and interactive event which encourages audience participation and challenges the ‘stage’ to embrace the audience and engage them in dialogue and debate.

Sessions throughout the day will be short, punchy, thought-provoking, challenging & fun!

Why is Collaborate360 different?

Too many event businesses churn out the same event format – speaker talks at audience, audience listens and very few attendees get the chance to universally engage with each other in debate and discussion.

Collaborate360, by definition, encourages collaboration between participants in combination with a 360 degree view of internal and external factors that may affect your sector. Collaborate360 is open, transparent, immersive and always thought-provoking.

Unlike most events, far from finishing at the day’s end, interaction within the Collaborate360 community will have just begun.

When & Where

Collaborate360 - Supply Chain will take place on:

Tuesday 17th May 2022
Reading FC,
Madejski Stadium,
RG2 0FL.

The event commences at 8.00am.


With the continued disruption both globally and in the UK due to COVID-19, we have made what we feel is the only appropriate and sensible decision, to re-schedule Collaborate360 - Supply Chain to Tuesday 17th May 2022. Live events are now widely viewed, within the sector, as only being fully viable from late Q3 2021 (when a comprehensive vaccine roll out will have been completed).

Though virtual events are working on some levels, new business events that attempt to provide engagements with new clients are singularly poor by comparison and we feel the physical meeting element of Collaborate360 - Supply Chain is essential for both the success of it and the companies and individuals who attend. We are comfortable we can provide this fully by autumn 2021.

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Our team

Grant Townshend, Director

A business development and events specialist, Grant has 25 years’ experience in solution sales, events design and implementation. Working with a multitude of organisations, from SMEs to multinational corporates, he has a significant track record of success. Always looking to understand, integrate meaningfully with client companies and exceed expectations in challenging markets, Grant always brings his trademark enthusiastic and energetic approach.
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Gerry Smyth, Director

Gerry has 30 years' experience in helping companies generate revenue. His entrepreneurial abilities have helped him develop brands, from idea generation to placement in the mainstream UK & Irish markets. It is easy to simply talk about being a business owner but Gerry has 'done it'! Under Gerry's guidance GAS Commercial will advise, support & deliver, based on your requirements. With a proven network of the best suppliers in the business, if we can't deliver a specific element of a plan, we will know and recommend someone who can. In short, we will become your most trusted advisor!
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